5 Benefits of Plants in the Workplace

Words by Kate

In the ever-changing world of workplace design, the term biophilia has, in recent years, become synonymous with the wellbeing of employees and customers alike.

Based on the collective agreement that a connection with nature is good for our physical and mental health, greenery is rapidly becoming a staple in workplaces all over the world. Simply put, people love plants.

But why exactly are plants so good for you (and your office)? Though it’s easy to assume that they merely add a splash of green, in reality they do so much more. Keep reading for five of the key benefits that healthy plants can bring to your workspace.

Interior planting, LUSH. Photography by Nic Kane.

1. Plants Boost Productivity

Research by leading institutions such as Washington State University and the University of Exeter has proven that workers who can see greenery from their desks complete work up to 12% faster than those in a ‘lean’ office environment. Connecting with plants makes us happier and less stressed, essentially leading to a better output. This is a two-pronged benefit for your employees – not only will they enjoy their work environment more but in achieving better results they’re likely to feel a greater sense of job satisfaction. Win-win.

Atrium planting, Broadgate. Photography by Nic Kane.

“According to a study completed by N.A.S.A., plants can remove up to 87% of indoor air toxins in just 24 hours. “

2. Plants Improve Indoor Air Quality

It’s a well-known fact that plants release oxygen, but did you know that each and every person in your office needs around 5 litres of oxygen a minute? Therefore, the more fresh air available, the better! With chemical pollutants being released from common cleaning products, paint, furnishings, and office fittings, plants provide a valuable service by removing toxins from the air and making it safer to breathe. According to a study completed by N.A.S.A., plants can remove up to 87% of indoor air toxins in just 24 hours. Now that’s what we call efficiency.

Shelf planting, Maris Interiors. Photography by Nic Kane.

3. Plants Reduce Noise

No longer just a plant in a pot, interior landscaping options now include vertical planters, moveable green screens, and joinery-integrated planters, to name a few. These systems can be used to create soft, modular barriers that partition open-plan office spaces and form private areas for employees to meet, work, and relax. What’s more, plants have been proven to absorb noise – an optimised planting display can help reduce noise by around 5 decibels. By alleviating the distraction of surrounding noise, you can enable staff to better focus on the task at hand.

Shelf planting, WPP Health. Photography by Nic Kane.

4. Plants Improve Health

Studies have shown that the presence of live indoor planting can reduce self-reported sick days and improve staff health. By absorbing nasty chemicals such as benzene, formaldehyde and ammonia (chemicals that have been linked to headaches and eye irritation) plants can help to improve minor respiratory conditions and headaches caused by indoor air pollution. Not only that, but being surrounded by plants can also reduce symptoms of stress and fatigue, lowering the risk of staff burnout and lowering company sick leave costs.

Shelf planting, Ripple. Photography by Nic Kane.

5. Plants Reduce Bills

By providing insulation and shade, plants regulate temperatures without the need for constant air conditioning and heating. Studies have shown that energy costs can be reduced by up to 20% with the inclusion of plants, meaning that an investment in planting will more than pay for itself. Not to mention, it’s great for the environment!

Want to find out more about what plants can do for you? Our talented team is on hand to help create a bespoke planting plan to meet your needs. Simply contact us to begin.