Eco Policy

Here at Plant Designs, we believe that taking care of the environment is a collective responsibility. That’s why we consider our environmental impact in all aspects of our business, and are trying hard to become more sustainable in the ways that we carry out our work.

A team effort

In 2019 we elected a dedicated Environmental Manager, whose job it is to make sure we’re doing everything we can to be more sustainable. Alongside his work as a horticulturist, Dan is addressing the environmental issues in our day-to-day operations, using his expertise to help us make more responsible choices.

Committed to change

In recent years we have changed our suppliers of certain products and services we use everyday, all with the aim of operating more sustainably.

We work digitally where possible and use recycled paper materials when it’s not. Our waste management company is entirely green – we’ve also switched to responsible energy providers in our offices. Even our toilet paper is eco-friendly.


When visiting client sites our staff take public transport wherever possible, walking and cycling when it’s not. On the occasion that we need to use vans (for example, when travelling to installations and transporting goods), we have a consignment of electric vehicles.


In all of our Christmas displays we use high-quality replica foliage, which avoids the needless destruction of hundreds of real trees every year. Because we buy premium quality replica trees and store them carefully each year, we can get anywhere up to 5 years’ commercial use out of a single tree before we re-home them, donating old trees to charity organisations across London.

Making London Green

Are you interested in reading more about how we’re working to become a greener company? Read our interview with Dan about the work he does as environmental manager.

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