New Year, New Plants

Words by Kate

With the new year providing a proverbial blank slate, it’s the perfect time to consider new plants for your workspace.

Not only do plants offer a host of mental health benefits including increased optimism and reduced stress levels (something we could all use in 2021!), they have also been scientifically proven to improve concentration and work performance. If you find yourself experiencing a mid-afternoon slump, it turns out plants could be the answer.

Below we’ve listed three top ways to embrace plants in the workplace, whether at home, in your office, or beyond.

1.      Desk plants

It may sound obvious, but the easiest way to integrate planting into your work setup is the humble desk plant. Species such as the snake plant or Chinese money plant are cheerful to look at while also providing a splash of greenery, or if you’d prefer something more compact a succulent will do nicely. If your desk is too small (or if you have a ‘clear desk’ policy) consider popping plants on other surfaces such as windowsills or shelves to reap the same benefits, just make sure they have enough light to thrive.

2.     Green views

If at all possible, position your desk near a window so you can soak up the best that mother nature has to offer. As little as 40 seconds looking out the window onto a green view can be enough to refocus your attention, according to researcher Kate E. Lee at the University of Melbourne. If you live in an urban environment or don’t have a window near your desk, popping outside on your lunch break will have a similarly rejuvenating effect, enhancing your focus and productivity rates. Your brain (and your boss!) will thank you.

3.     Floor plants

For many people working from home, the idea of a ‘desk’ may be a nebulous one, interchangeable with ‘kitchen table’, ‘coffee table’, or even ‘knees’, at a pinch. If you find yourself without much surface space to cover with plants, floor plants offer an excellent alternative while providing all the same benefits.  Fiddle-leaf figs are eternally popular, their large leaves offering a vast swathe of green. For those with less floor space, a narrower species such as a plum aralia, may be preferable.


And that’s it! Of course, there are many other ways you can incorporate plants into your life, from park walks to time spent tending your garden. As human beings we are innately drawn to nature, so any time spent enjoying plant life will be beneficial to your physical and mental health.

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