Can Plants Pay Your Bills?

Words by Kate

We all know that plants have lots of benefits, but did you know that they can even pay your bills? Well, almost…

We know that for many of our clients, deciding to opt for plant rental is an exercise in cost/benefit analysis. But did you know that plants can actually help you save money? Though they’ll never be able to bring home the big bucks in any literal sense (you wouldn’t believe how strict plant employment laws can be…), plants can significantly reduce your energy bills, bringing down your outgoing costs.

The heat is on

Depending on what type of plants you opt for, they can provide valuable insulation to drafty offices. Broad, leafy plants are the best at this, and if you’ve got a cooler workspace you’d want to choose a hardy species that can withstand lower temperatures.

Once you’ve improved your office insulation with a plant or two, you can turn down the heating and reduce your energy overheads. Studies have shown that you may even be able to reduce your costs by as much as 20%!

Greener spaces = happier people. Photography by Nic Kane.

Reduce absenteeism

In 2016-17, the average worker took 6.6 days off sick each year. That may not sound like much, but as little as a 1% reduction in absenteeism could save the UK economy an enormous £1 billion a year.

Believe it or not, the presence of live indoor planting can reduce occurences of self-reported sick days.

It’s a well-known fact that plants clean the air, but did you know that this can lead to lower cases of minor respiratory conditions and headaches caused by indoor air pollution?

And it’s not just physical health that will benefit – biophilic contact will also reduce stress and fatigue, lessen absenteeism and therefore lower your  company sick leave costs.

A decorative moss wall makes an attractive centrepiece. Photography by Nic Kane.

Need decor?

We all want a healthy workplace, but we also want an inspiring one. So how do you decide which aspect of your office design to focus on? Enter plants.

Combining health-boosting properties with undeniable natural beauty, plants offer a two-for-one way to decorate your workspace. In fact, they’ll even improve your staff’s creativity and attention span, leading to a more focused workforce. Now that’s what we call a win win situation.